How to apply

Avina accepts grant applications at any time. We kindly ask you to study the information about our areas of activity and to check if your project matches our grant criteria.

If you wish to apply for a grant, please fill in the grant application form on our website. After entering your email address you will receive a link to your personal application.

link to the grant application form

Please note that Avina accepts online requests only. Any applications sent to us by email or post will not be processed.

Selection and Decision

Avina will examine your request based on our grant criteria and will usually let you know within six to eight weeks if we are going to support your project.

The grant applications we receive regularly exceed our annual budget several times. Therefore, the foundation board selects projects which are in line with our core criteria. The board is not bound in its decision in any way. It exists no right to receive a grant.

If Avina is unable to sponsor your project you shall receive a letter of refusal. Avina is not required to provide an extensive reasoning for its decision.

Avina does not discuss grant decisions. It is not possible to appeal or to reapply.

By the way

The SwissFoundations website provides a manual for the perfect application (in German).