Avina is committed to Education, as this is a field of fundamental importance for sustainable social development. This includes supporting new approaches in education, training and further education and promoting entrepreneurial initiatives. We also focus on initiatives relevant to the promotion of the Swiss foundation sector. 


Culture reflects social discussions and offers points of contention to confront reality. In this field, Avina supports innovative projects which contribute towards integrating culture and people into society. Where preserving cultural assets is concerned, our focus lies with projects which reach beyond simple museal protection and allow the creation of something new. We targetedly sponser initiatives which retain local idenity in areas where resources are scarce. Avina is also committed to the documentation of the cultural past and present.

Social Issues

In the area of Social Issues, Avina aims to create opportunities for as many people as possible to improve their living conditions responsibly through their own efforts. Key issues include equal opportunities with specific attention given to women, single mothers, children and youths. The integration of people on the edge of society, the prevention of violence and intercultural exchange are also important issues.

Environment & Nutrition

Sustainable development of our society requires careful use of natural resources. In the field of environment and nutrition, Avina supports innovation to promote eco-efficiency, biodiversity and ecological sustainability. Sustainable production of healthy food is a key factor.

Grant criteria

Avina Stiftung primarily promotes innovative and persuasive personalities who are committed to non-profit cause and whose projects have a regional or national reach.

Avina supports initiatives which receive no or only small funds from other parties. We also provide focused start-up financing, helping projects to obtain support from other parties, thanks to our commitment.

In good charity tradition and to cultivate good-neighbourly relations, we also support local and regional projects in our home region Greater Ausserschwyz and City of Zurich, without necessarily requiring them to be innovative.

Our activities do not focus on:

  • Local projects outside of our home region Ausserschwyz and City of Zurich
  • Individuals (grants, dissertations, emergency help)
  • Health or disability
  • Meetings and conventions
  • Building projects
  • Pure research
  • Large relief organization projects
  • Animal protection

Geographical focus

Geographically, our activities are focussed on Switzerland and on cross-border initiatives.

We no longer focus on projects in Latin America where our sister organisation Fundación Avina is active. We do not support projects in Europe, Africa, Asia or the US.